Sidewalk Joint Systems

Creating Maintenance Free Foot Paths

TripStopTM Sidewalk Joint Systems were created to ensure a trip free pathway for pedestrians and cyclists, and moves dynamically with tree joints, ensuring sidewalk integrity. With TripStopTM you can turn the ever-increasing maintenance and replacement of sidewalks into an ever decreasing one! Longer-lasting, stronger and simplicity in design makes TripStopTM the best in its class.

TripStop S Profile

The TripStopTM S Profile is a light-weight, easy to install sidewalk hinge joint which allows sidewalk slabs to move uniformly with tree root growth, soil movement and thermal expansion. This innovative, preventative product extends the service life of the sidewalk while minimizing tripping injuries. The S profile allows for lift and fall of the pathway, without displacing or cracking caused by soil movement or tree root invasion.

TripStop S Profile Sidewalk Joints
TripStop X Profile Sidewalk Joints

TripStop X Profile

The TripStopTM X Profile is the original, double hinge joint system, which allows sidewalk slabs to move uniformly. TripStopTM is the long-term solution for city sidewalk maintenance, as it is a preventative strategy, minimizing the risk of tripping injuries. The X Profile was the first TripStopTM profile created and successfully tested. The 6-inch joint is the most-cost effective, long-lasting option for new construction.

TripStopTM has been designed and extensively tested to not only lengthen the lifespan of sidewalks but actually works to preserve urban tress, while decreasing the risk of tripping hazards. This seemingly simple product provides exceptional value, and will enhance your sidewalks and footpaths for years to come.

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