Access World Products manufactures and distributes:

Exit Signs
Access Tile Tripstop
Ecoglo has developed advanced Emergency lighting systems technology for the production of high visibility glow-in-the-dark emergency lighting. Our technologies are used by manufacturers worldwide to build a variety of products that enhance egress in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

Ecoglo also sells photoluminescent exit signs across Canada.
Access Tile is a top brand of tactile product manufactured using a high definition Engineered Polymer Composite technology that sets a new standard for quality and performance in the value-priced category.
Access Tile's micro texture has numerous tactile contact points on the surface and on the domes, over three times comparable tiles, to offer superior slip protection that meets and exceeds all ADA/Title 24 requirements for truncated domes for slip resistant walking surfaces.
TripStop is a patented product manufactured from engineered composites for durability and high performance over the planned life cycle of sidewalks. TripStop allows concrete to articulate and accommodates significant soil movement and tree root invasion with ease. This reduces the long-term costs of sidewalk maintenance, reduces waste, and virtually eliminates trip and fall hazards.

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