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As the world leader in ADA compliant truncated domes, Access® Tile offers the ultimate solution® in detectable warning systems. Easy to install and available in a range of configurations, Access® Tile is the ideal choice for any project requiring a fully code-compliant truncated dome installation.

Every detectable warning paver designed and manufactured by Access® Tile meets or exceeds all relevant federal and local code compliance regulations, showcasing our commitment to quality. We’ve combined our proven polymer processing and material technologies, with intelligent design features, to create the most efficient, cost-effective detectable warning pavers on the market.

Replaceable Cast in Place Tiles

Access® Tile’s replaceable cast in place truncated dome tiles are ideal for new construction projects, as they install directly into wet-set concrete and feature our industry-leading replicability feature. Our cast in place truncated domes tiles have been installed worldwide, serving to warn the public when they reach an unsafe edge.

Access® Tile’s replaceable cast in place ADA tiles are available in 10 different colors and 8 sizes, including a 15’ radius curve

Surface Applied Truncated Dome Tiles

Our surface applied truncated dome tiles are the most cost-effective option for retrofitting existing concrete surfaces to meet ADA code compliance. Access® Tile’s surface applied detectable warning pavers boast a sleek profile, making the transition between tile and concrete seamless, reducing the risks of trips and falls.

Access® Tile’s surface applied ADA tiles are available in 10 different colors and 8 sizes, including a 15’ radius curve.

Directional Wayfinding ADA Compliant Tiles

Designed with the same precision as Access® Tile’s  ADA truncated dome tiles, our directional wayfinding bars are an integral aspect of accessibility in public spaces. These tiles are designed to safely lead the public in between spaces, and are available in both replaceable cast in place and surface applied configurations.

Access® Tile’s directional way finding tiles are available as a 12’x12’ tile and in 10 colors.

Radius Curve ADA Truncated Dome Tiles

Access® Tile’s radius curve ADA tiles are the perfect solution for areas which cannot accommodate the traditional rectangular shape of detectable warning pavers. This ADA tile has been designed specifically to accommodate the radius requirements at street intersections and pedestrian crossings. Our radius curve truncated dome tiles are available as both surface applied and replaceable cast in place.

Access® Tile radius curve ADA compliant truncated dome tiles are available as 15’ radius and in 10 colors.

Access® Tile’s detectable warning pavers have been carefully engineered to ensure code compliance, and manufactured with the highest quality materials to ensure long-lasting durability. Our cost-effective ADA tiles are designed to allow persons of all abilities to safely navigate through a public space, unaided. Chose Access® Tile for your next project and work with us to create a more accessible world!

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