Photoluminescent Egress Path Markings

Visibly Better 

As America’s #1 choice of providers for luminous egress path marking solutions, ecoglo® offers a full range of UL 1994 certified and Section 1024 and 1025 compliant emergency egress lighting products. Our fast charging and long-lasting luminescent egress path markings require no maintenance and are LEED points qualified.

To achieve maximum luminance, ecoglo® luminous egress path marking products are manufactured using our patented process, utilizing a dry powder formulation, which is embedded into each of our photoluminescent products. Unlike widely used alternatives, ecoglo® PL products will not suffer from settling, resulting in an unreliable light source. Additionally, ecoglo® products are completely non-toxic and non-radioactive.

Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Ecoglo®’s self-illuminating exit signs are easily charged by surrounding light sources, either natural or artificial, and will provide clear egress instructions in your facility in all lighting conditions. Our photoluminescent exit signs require no electricity or batteries to operate and provide a bright light source for hours after a power outage.
Ecoglo Photoluminescent Emergency Exit Sign
Ecoglo Luminous Path Markings

Luminous Egress Path Markings

To ensure every aspect of your building’s emergency egress pathway is illuminated, ecoglo® offers a full range of luminous egress path markings, ranging from obstruction tape to handrail markings. Our reliable, fail-safe photoluminescent egress path markings give occupants the confidence to quickly and safely exit the building, enhancing egress speeds in all lighting conditions.

Non-Slip Flat Stair Nosings

Exceed code compliance with ecoglo®’s non-slip flat stair nosings! Alongside our expertly manufactured photoluminescent strips is a tough, non-slip grip making a non-slip stair nosing to enhance step-edge visibility in all lighting conditions. A wide variety of profiles ensures there is a non-slip, luminescent stair nosing for every substrate, and an egress solution for every building!
Ecoglo Luminescent Stair Treads
Ecoglo Luminous Additional Products

Additional Products

Take the power of ecoglo®’s photoluminescent technology beyond emergency egress and experience the visibly better difference in a range of alternative uses.
Ecoglo® is dedicated to enhancing the safety of every building, without the replacement costs and maintenance of traditional emergency lighting systems. Each of our luminous egress path markings have undergone extensive testing, proving to be highly resistant to the effects of UV/weathering, and a lifespan that extends much longer than what is required by code compliance. Make the switch to a visibly better emergency egress lighting system today, and chose ecoglo®!

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