About Access Products

Access Products serves the needs of municipalities and building and facility owners. We manufacture, distribute, and install durable building products that provide for the safe and efficient movement of people on sidewalks, stairways, and bridges. Our products improve the quality of transportation infrastructure for pedestrians and the disabled, and ensure the safe egress of large numbers of people from public facilities.

For the transportation infrastructure market Access Products manufactures Access Tile™ Tactile Systems and the TripStop™ Dynamic Sidewalk Joint.

Access Tile is a tactile detectable warning surface that is designed to provide safe passage for pedestrians and the disabled on sidewalk curb ramps, pedestrian walkways, transit platforms and pedestrian bridges. Access Tile is compliant with the United States Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and international legislation for the improvement of disabled accessibility on public rights of way and transit systems.

TripStop™ is a dynamic sidewalk joint that eliminates trip hazards on concrete sidewalks due to sidewalk slab displacement from tree root invasion, soil movement or thermal expansion. TripStop enables governments to maintain safety compliance for sidewalks and pedestrian walkways to reduce the risk of trips and falls and the potential for personal injuries that might result.

Access Products produces Ecoglo photo luminescent path finding systems for large-scale buildings including arenas, stadiums, performing arts centers, high-rise office buildings, condominiums, and large-scale industrial facilities.

Ecoglo™provides "glow-in-the-dark" supplementary emergency lighting and exit path markings for exit stairways, handrails and aisles in public buildings and industrial facilities that meet requirements of the International Building Code.

Access Products strives to provide building products to global markets that not only enable a safer built environment but also meet the demand for environmental sensitivity.